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Monson Slate Gravel

Monson Slate Gravel is generally spread at  2-3"  in depth for walkways, driveways and landscaping accents.  For base layers on heavy traffic roads or frost susceptible roads please refer to the project specifications.

Monson Slate Gravel will settle and bond together better than standard gravel creating a solid base which will help prevent the ruts and regular maintenance that standard gravel is famous for.

Monson Slate Mulch

Monson Slate Mulch is generally spread at 2" in depth for flower beds, walkways, landscaping architecture and general landscaping accents.  

Monson Slate Mulch can go a long way towards creating virtually maintenance free landscape. With an unfading black color and the ability to inhibit insects and weed growth Monson Slate Mulch is a superior alternative to wood mulch.