In 1870 Welsh immigrants in Monson discovered a superior quality black slate and began the first mining operations in the region.  Over the next few years many quarries were opened increasing the population of the town and, as a result, the slate mining industry became the primary source of income and vitality for Monson.  The Monson Maine Slate Company was founded between 1870 and 1880 and operated the majority of quarries and produced what most said to be the finest quality slate in the world – superior to that of Welsh slate.  Their primary product was roofing shingles but the Monson Maine Slate Company also produced sinks, switchboards, countertops, flooring, and monuments.  The slating industry eventually declined after WWI and the Great Depression resulting in the closure of most quarries and the Monson Maine Slate Company.


The Monson Maine Slate Company was reorganized in 2005 under new ownership in the hope of rebuilding the Monson Slate industry to what it once was.  Today, we are focused on creating superior quality  architectural and landscaping products for our customers.  Please contact us for more information.